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Have You Installed An Expensive Stucco? How Often Should You Paint It?

Caring For Your Stucco Systems

The stucco is a rich exterior coating that enhances the curb appeal of your property with premium finishing. Our professional stucco contractor promises to revive your property with our excellent stucco repair services. You must be wondering how often you should hire professionals to improve the stucco? There are specific issues such as weather conditions, hairline cracks, and mold that damage your stucco. Considering all these factors, you need to repaint your stucco. 

How Often Should You Repaint Your Stucco?

Repainting your stucco is not similar to vinyl or wood siding painting. Therefore, you need to consider a few factors before deciding if you need to hire professionals to paint the stucco. 

Do You Live In A Location With High Humidity?

Since stucco clashes with moisture, your humid locality can be a problem. Stucco homes are accepted mainly in the arid area. But, if you live in a place with high humidity, you may have to paint your stucco often. 

The Hairline Cracks:

There are several types of cracks that stucco could fall victim to, and hairline cracks are some of the most dangerous to ignore. However, we can cover such damages with high-quality paint. If you ignore such cracks for a long time, it will continue to grow and cause the rainwater to enter the structure. Later, it will fuel mold growth. Hence, if you notice hairline cracks, immediately contact our expert stucco repairs today without any delay. 

Is Your Stucco Generating White Powder?

White powder on stucco indicates water damage. These warning signs inform that your stucco needs to be repainted. When your construction leaks water, it dissolves the salt. As the water evaporates, it dissolves the salt behind. If this process continues, the stucco won’t be in a good position. However, you must not apply a new coating to cover up the mess; instead, pay attention to repair the damage first.

Things To Consider Before Painting Your Stucco

The Quality Of Paint:

When you apply a new coating to your stucco, try to pick the best quality elastomeric paint that enhances durability. You can choose a color with a higher up-front cost or flat paint that is easy to apply. Using these paints, you can seal the hairline cracks, if any. 

Pick An Appropriate Colour:

Do not choose a different shade of your property’s color. The stucco looks good only if you apply the color smartly. However, do remember to find out the cracks and seal them well before applying the coating. 

In the end, it would be wise if you can hire professionals to maintain the stucco with premium paint. Remember, it is your property. Therefore, you must take the required steps to maintain it properly. 

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