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Check out the benefits below

Save on energy

Caulking exterior window, door and any relevant exterior gaps will increase your savings on energy bills.

Leak Prevention

With our top-notch caulkings and expertise, you will not have any problems in regards to water leaks due to rain and snow melt.

Protects all systems

Your walls do not have to be stucco nor stone. Siding and hardie board wall systems require proper caulking as well.

no more insects

Unsealed gaps and cracks on your walls and window/door trims invite insects to nest in your walls. With proper caulking, you will have a much cleaner home / building.

Here are 10 reasons why you should use caulking on your property:

1. Seals all of your gaps on a surface

Caulking will ensure that your building is both airtight and watertight. With Caulking, you are able to seal all the gaps between two or more materials and it is your best solution to seal all your gaps that you may have.

2. Helps make it easier to remove water or paint

There are different types of caulks available. You can now use a water-based caulk which has similar performance capabilities to the best silicone caulks. Silicone caulks are ideal because they are easy to clean with water and are easy to paint over on your surface.

3. Savings

There are many different stucco caulking options available in the market today. At Depend Exteriors we make sure to use the best brands of caulk and sealant in order to help you save money in the long run.

4. Energy Efficient

Caulking your property will help reduce your energy bills by filling in the gaps which let heat leave your home and lets in cold air. Energy efficiency has become a major attribute when building a home. Caulking and sealants also help in keeping water out of your home from rain and snow.

5. Usable on different surfaces

Regardless of the surface of your property caulking and sealants are usable on just about any surface. At Depend Exteriors we will use the best caulk and sealant depending on what exterior surface you are using for your property. In most cases, the 3 types of caulk we can use are silicone, butyl rubber, and acrylic latex.

6. Mildew

Fighting mildew can become a costly process. There are many excellent types of caulks out there and by using the appropriate caulks and sealants on your property you will never have to worry about mildew affecting your property. 

7. Comfort

Using caulking and sealant is a good way to make your property comfortable. By making sure your surface have not got any gaps or cracks in which air and water can get through will make your property more enjoyable. 

8. Value of your property

Investing in caulking and sealing your property is a great way to increase the value of your property. By preventing water from getting into your property you won’t have to worry about the structural stability of your property or about the money you would have to spend on fixing water damage. This will also help when you decide to sell your property in attracting a good buyer for a good price.

9. Non-Toxic

Most manufacturers focus on creating caulk and sealants which are non-toxic. At Depend Exteriors we make sure to use brands that will help protect the health and safety of our clients.

10. Insects

The most common ways insects find ways into your property are from gaps and holes around your property. Using caulking and sealants will prevent insects from entering by covering up any entry points they may use. 

If you feel that your property requires caulking and sealing than don’t waste any time and contact our team at Depend Exteriors today and we will provide you with our excellent caulking services. Our team of professionals are ready to assist in any way we can.

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The best type of caulk to use on your property depends on the specific needs of your surfaces. Common types include silicone, butyl rubber, and acrylic latex, each with different attributes suitable for different applications. Depend Exteriors will guide you on the best caulk for your property.

Caulking inspection should be done annually, looking for cracks, gaps or other signs of wear and tear. Depending on the material used and the environmental conditions, caulking typically lasts for 5-10 years before it needs replacing.

Ideally, caulking should be done in dry weather when the temperature is above 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7.2°C). Rain or extreme temperatures can affect how well the caulking adheres to the surfaces.

While the terms are often used interchangeably, there is a slight difference between caulking and sealant. Caulk is generally more rigid and used in areas with less movement, while sealant is more flexible and used in areas prone to expansion and contraction.

Caulking improves energy efficiency by sealing gaps and cracks in your property’s structure, preventing heat loss and cold air intrusion. This helps reduce the strain on your heating and cooling systems, thus reducing energy costs.