Skilled Stonework and Masonry Repair Services

We are specialists in all areas of stonework and masonry repair for homes and businesses. We are passionate about traditional stonework and offer an all-inclusive service of repair and restoration of old stone masonry using traditional materials and techniques.

Our skilled masons have years of experience in all kinds of stone projects ranging from stone cladding to building the boundary walls. We will be happy to work with you no matter how big or small the project is. 

Expert Masonry Contractors

We are well known for our dedicated craftsmanship and our success has grown from a commitment to customer service. So, if you are looking for an expert for stonework masonry repair or restoration, we can help with our professional services for residential and commercial sectors.

From interior to exterior brick and stonework, we can help you find the ideal solution to repair Edmonton stonework masonry, in the least possible time and prices. Let us know about your requirements so we can help.

Cultured Stone

Timeless and permanence, give your building an amazing look with our variety of cultured stone types. Contact us to discuss and choose from many types. 

Man Made Stone

Man-Made Cultured Stone

Chemically made, this type of cultured stone provides amazing quality with better prices.

Natural Stone

Natural Cultured Stone

Best quality possible. Superior in every way, this stone can withstand any kind of washing and provides the best insulation.


We specialize in all areas of stonework and masonry repair for both homes and businesses. Our services include repair and restoration of old stone masonry using traditional materials and techniques. Whether it’s stone cladding or building boundary walls, our skilled masons can handle projects of any size.

Our natural cultured stone is of the highest quality, offering superior durability and insulation properties. It can withstand any kind of washing and provides excellent insulation for your building, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Our chemically made cultured stone provides amazing quality at better prices. It offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on the aesthetics and durability of your stonework.

The main difference between stone masonry and brick masonry lies in the use of mortar. Brick masonry requires less mortar, while stone masonry requires more mortar, making it challenging to estimate the exact amount needed. Stone masonry is stronger and more durable than brick masonry. Additionally, stone masonry walls do not necessarily require plastering, unlike brick walls which need to be plastered or painted when exposed to the open atmosphere.

Stone masonry offers several advantages, the foremost being its unmatched strength, durability, and weather resistance. Stone is a resilient material that can withstand wear and tear caused by normal events more effectively than other materials. It provides long-lasting structural integrity and requires minimal maintenance over its lifespan.

Natural stone used for house walls or siding can last for the entire life of the home, typically exceeding 100 years. This lifespan is longer than that of manufactured stone, which generally lasts around 50 years or more.

Regular maintenance of stone masonry, such as resealing, is crucial to provide a protective moisture barrier for the stones. Resealing helps prevent the expansion and contraction cycle that can occur during winter. If stone masonry is not periodically resealed, moisture can seep into and through the stones, potentially causing damage and deterioration over time.

thin brick


One of the best fireproof exterior and interior systems out there.


Wipe, pressure wash or paint it. Thin brick is easy to take care of.


It’s real brick. Just cut and made thinner. Even masonry repair experts would have a hard time distinguishing it from a full brick.


Thin brick provides stronger walls than many of exterior wall systems.