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As a leading stucco contractor in Edmonton, Depend Exteriors proudly extends its premium services to Woodcroft, Edmonton, Alberta. Our specialization spans new stucco installations, repair, and parging, catering to residential and commercial buildings. 

Whether you’re looking for enhanced insulation during harsh winters or seeking an elegant touch for your building, our stucco and EIFS installations are an investment you won’t regret. We’ve accomplished countless residential & commercial projects, showcasing our proficiency in delivering quality work. As seasoned masonry & stone contractors in Edmonton, Depend Exteriors creates a durable, sustainable design that stands the test of time. 

When you’re in need, Depend Exteriors is the reliable commercial and residential stucco contractor to call. We specialize in EIFS systems, cement board systems, stonework, stucco demolition, retrofitting, parging, and caulking. Our commitment is to quality over quantity, affordable prices, and excellent customer service.

Why Stucco? Because it’s energy-efficient, resource-efficient, offers design flexibility, helps manage moisture, and boosts the resale value of your property. Plus, it’s ideal for Alberta’s harsh climate, durable, requires minimal maintenance, and can be applied to both concrete walls and wood frame buildings.

Need to revamp your exterior or fix damaged stucco? Let us handle your stucco repair with our experience and knowledge. And remember, caulking is essential to protect your building from water and air. So count on us for thorough caulking around doors, windows, plugs, and heat vents.

Choose Depend Exteriors for your stucco needs in Woodcroft, Edmonton, Alberta. For new constructions or repair work, call us at (780)710-3972 for a free estimate.

Our Services


Residential EIFS Stucco Services

Depend Exteriors is pleased to offer comprehensive stucco solutions catering to the unique requirements of Woodcroft Alberta properties. Stucco is not just a cosmetic enhancement. In the residential context, it brings a touch of elegance and timeless beauty to your home while increasing its insulation and overall energy efficiency. This investment not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your dwelling but also contributes to reducing your energy bills, particularly during the harsh Alberta winters. Moreover, stucco's durability and minimal maintenance requirements make it an ideal choice for homeowners looking for long-lasting solutions.


EIFS Stucco Services

Depend Exteriors offers professional Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) services. Also known as synthetic stucco, EIFS is an innovative cladding system that enhances the energy efficiency of a building while providing a durable, finished surface to its exterior walls. EIFS is a multi-layered system with an insulation board secured to your building's exterior, a durable, water-resistant base coat, and a protective finish coat. This unique structure offers superior insulation properties compared to traditional stucco, making it an excellent choice for homeowners and businesses looking to reduce their energy consumption.


Parging Services

We offer specialized parging services in Woodcroft, Edmonton, designed to shield and enhance your property's foundation. Though not a waterproofing solution per se, parging creates a water-resistant barrier that significantly helps maintain your building's dryness and structural integrity. Parging is applying a thin coat of mortar to a masonry surface, like a building's foundation. This protective layer is crucial in safeguarding your building, especially in climates where snow and ice are commonplace. The parge coat provides additional protection against these elements, reducing the likelihood of damage and preserving the foundation's longevity.


Retrofitting Services

Depend Exteriors proudly offers top-notch stucco retrofitting services in Woodcroft, Edmonton. If your building's exterior shows signs of aging or you're struggling with high energy consumption levels, our retrofitting services could be your ideal solution. Aesthetics play a crucial role in how you feel about your property. If your building appears aged or lacks curb appeal, it might be time to refresh. With our extensive selection of over 100 colours and an array of finish textures and styles, we can completely transform your property's appearance, adding vibrancy, charm, and value.


Caulking Services

With our highly skilled team and top-quality products, we deliver premium caulking services that enhance your property's aesthetic appeal and contribute significantly to energy efficiency, leak prevention, and even pest control. By professionally caulking exterior windows, doors, and other relevant gaps in your building's exterior, we can help to reduce drafts and energy loss. This improvement in insulation can lead to substantial savings on your energy bills over time.


Commercial EIFS Stucco Services

For commercial properties, stucco offers the added advantage of design flexibility. Businesses can enjoy an extensive array of textures, styles, and colours that stucco provides, enabling them to establish a distinctive and professional appearance. Plus, stucco's resistance to fire and extreme weather conditions ensures your commercial building withstands the test of time, thereby protecting your investment. Our team of skilled contractors excels at applying traditional or acrylic stucco systems, adhering to high industry standards.

About Depend Exteriors, Woodcroft, Edmonton

Woodcroft is a residential and commercial community in Edmonton, Alberta. The northern part of this neighbourhood is completely residential. It is a quiet place with beautiful tree-lined streets. The southern part of Woodcroft has lowrise complexes and commercial buildings, including the popular Westmount Shopping Center and many restaurants and cafes. Woodcroft is also home to one of the most popular parks in the area, Coronation Park. It is also home to the TELUS World of Science.

More About Woodcroft, Edmonton, Alberta

Elmwood Park is a quaint neighborhood of single detached homes and multi-family structures. Most of the homes in this neighbourhood are single-adult households. This beautiful community was earlier a part of the old town of Jasper Place. Other neighborhoods near Elmwood Park include Eastwood, Westmount, Queen Mary Park, Spruce Avenue, Alberta Avenue, Downtown, Delton, and Boyle Street.

Things to do in Woodcroft, Edmonton, Alberta

Woodcroft, in Edmonton, Alberta, has a wide range of fun things to do and see. This family-friendly neighborhood has many parks, museums, statutes, and other unique points of interest.


Woodcroft, Edmonton, is located conveniently close to many specialty museums like the Calgary & Edmonton Railway Museum, Telephone Historical Center, Alberta Railway Museum, and Ukrainian Museum of Canada Alberta Branch.

Monuments and Statues

There are various monuments and statues that you can visit when in Woodcroft, Edmonton, Alberta. This little community is located close to many popular monuments and statues like the Giant Baseball Bat, Ksan Totem Pole, and Talus Dome.


Woodcroft puts you close to many beautiful gardens and parks where you can spend a quiet evening. Some popular gardens close to Woodcroft include Muttart Conservatory, William Hawrelak Park, Mill Creek Ravine Park, and Victoria Park Oval.

Points of Interest and Landmarks

There are many popular landmarks and points of interest that you can explore when in Woodcroft, Edmonton, Alberta. Some popular landmarks close to Woodcroft include Ice Castles, Sir Winston Churchill Square, Government House Alberta, Frederick G Todd Lookout, and Alhambra Books.

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