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Edmonton Parging Contractor

Protect the foundation of your building with proper parging

why do you need to parge your foundation wall?

Beautify your house and protect its foundation walls with professional parging. Contact our Edmonton parging contractors today to get your free estimate for new parging, or parging repair for existing building foundations.

parging repair

repair parging cracks

It’s not just an aesthetic problem, the cracks on your exterior foundation walls can lead to serious problems such as water getting behind the cracks, therefore into your basement. Parging can fix cracks and restore the condition of your foundation before it’s too late.

parging repair

improve aesthetics

Nobody wants to see an ugly, old looking and cracked wall on their building. Contact our parging contractors in Edmonton to get a free estimate and discuss our various finish exteriors and texture designs.

parging repair

finish new parging

Even when you purchase a new house or a commercial building, you will most likely realize that parging is left unfinished. It’s a common practice among builders, but we can help. Our parging contractors help beautify your walls.

Benefits of parging

Parging is used to protect the foundation of your building. Although its purpose isn’t used for waterproofing it does create a water-resistant barrier that will help keep your building dry. With a parge coat your building masonry will become more protected and will also protect your foundation from things like snow and ice which is beneficial with our Edmonton climate. If you have a concrete foundation that is showing imperfections than parging can help, make those imperfections disappear.

With any service you get done on your property there will be always be a right and wrong way to do it and parging is no different. If you do it correctly there are a ton of benefits for your property how ever if it is not done correctly it can lead to problems in the future. Things like water can become trapped between the parge coat and wall which can lead to moisture damage. If your parging is not done correctly it can lead to many unwanted issues that is why it is good to contact us at Depend Exteriors where we will do it right for you the first time.

At Depend Exteriors we ensure to get it right the first time. For over 13 years we have been providing all our clients with great quality and reliable parging services. We consider our team experts when it come to parging and we make sure to have the proper skills and knowledge to ensure that your parging will be done correctly. We want to give all our clients peace of mind when they call us at Depend Exteriors.

When it comes to parging some people will try to come up with heir own consistency for the parging mix they use but at Depend Exteriors there is no guessing involved. Just like all the products and material we use we make sure that our parging mix is of high quality and consistency as this will help in producing an attractive functional finish of our work. An excellent parging job is noticeable but so is a bad one, that’s why you should make sure your property receives top quality work from us at Depend Exteriors.

If your property’s foundation has already got parging done on it but you aren’t satisfied with the current results or if you tried to do it yourself but it just didn’t work out than call us today and get our professionals to come and give a free estimate to make the parging on your home look better.

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