The Benefits of
Cement Board Stucco Systems For Homes

Cement Board Stucco Systems
for Edmonton

Stucco siding

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Edmonton cement board stucco systems are impact-resistant and strong with its built-in 2 layers of fiberglass mesh. Can withstand external damages much better than many common cladding types.

Fast & Efficient

Cement boards are easier to apply compared to many other systems and provide an efficient exterior wall beautification.

Cost Effective

Cement board stucco systems are cost-effective compared to many other cladding systems. Due to the nature of cement boards with built-in insulation board and fiberglass mesh, it skips two layers of regular stucco.

Breathable moisture control

Cement boards naturally lets moisture in and out with ease so you wouldn’t have to worry about water related issues.


Cement board stucco refers to a durable and moisture-resistant exterior wall finish system that incorporates a cement board substrate, an air and water-resistive barrier, a reinforced base coat, and a polymer-based finish. It provides a high impact and long-lasting solution for enhancing the aesthetics of walls and ceilings.

Stucco cement is a decorative coating for walls and ceilings for exterior and interior surfaces. It is also utilized as a sculptural and artistic material in architectural designs.

Cement stucco has a lifespan of approximately 50 to 80 years. Proper installation, maintenance, and regular inspections can provide a durable and attractive exterior wall system for several decades

Stucco and concrete share similar ingredients, including cement, water, and sand. However, stucco incorporates an additional element: lime. One significant difference between the two is that stucco, when dry, is breathable. Its tiny pores allow water to evaporate from behind it, preventing moisture buildup and potential rot issues. This breathability distinguishes stucco as a suitable choice for home exteriors.

Cement board stucco systems are known for their strength and impact resistance. With two layers of fibreglass mesh, they can withstand external damage better than many common cladding types.