Retrofit the exterior of your old house or building.

Invest your money wisely

energy efficieny

With our EIFS stucco system, your buildings energy consumption will drop dramatically.

Enhance your building's appearance

Get rid of the old looks of your place and boost its aesthetic appeal.

Protection from water/moisture

Our proven stucco systems will protect your building from all kinds of water and moisture damages.

Increase your property's value

After the retrofitting, your property will gain allure from potential buyers and will see an increase in its value.

Best Option for Old Buildings

Many older buildings lack the proper energy consumption protocols and systems that are necessary in today’s world. Additionally, over the years, building surfaces start to look weary and damaged.

At Depend Exteriors Ltd. we are proud to offer our stucco retrofitting in Edmonton to anyone who is not happy with the look of their buildings or their energy consumption levels. Does your home look really old and unappealing? With our over 100 colors of finish textures and styles, we can refresh the look of your house and its environment. Or, if you feel that your home is too cold during the harsh winters of Canada, we are here to help with our amazing EIFS system which has an amazing insulation board system.

We are here to help you decide and understand the process of retrofitting. Contact us today to discuss your options and get your free estimate.

Five Benefits of Retrofitting

 1. Savings
Retrofitting stucco in your building can help with operational energy and can help with water reduction by incorporating new technology, services, and equipment over the lifespan of a building. This helps by making these building cheaper to run in the long term.
2. Increased happiness and wellbeing
Your building appearance may be redesigned which can help with overall happiness, satisfaction, and productivity by increasing thermal comfort. Working in a more environmentally-friendly building has seen an increase in productivity between employees.
3. Lowering greenhouse emissions and improving water self-sufficiency
Reduce dependence on traditional means of water and energy. This will help with the overall reduction of greenhouse emissions and improved water self-sufficiency. With retrofitting, existing buildings can be benefited for sustainability purposes which can help decreasing waste.

4. Future-proof your buildings

By retrofitting your buildings this will ensure that your building is meeting the current demands of technology, energy and water use helping them last into the future without the need for demolition or rebuilding. Retrofitting will breathe new life into your building and their current life cycles extended.

5. Preserving past cultural and heritage significance

Retrofitting existing buildings should not be overlooked especially ones with cultural or historic significance. By retrofitting older buildings the production of waste caused by a new building decreases as does the cost in savings.

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Stucco retrofitting is the process of updating and improving an existing building’s exterior with the EIFS stucco system. This not only enhances the building’s appearance and energy efficiency but also protects it from water and moisture damage.

Absolutely, Depend Exteriors Ltd offers a wide selection of over 100 colours, finish textures, and styles. This allows you to customize the appearance of your building to your preferences during the retrofitting process.

Stucco retrofitting can be applied to many buildings, from residential homes to commercial properties. However, each building is unique, and a consultation with Depend Exteriors Ltd would help determine the suitability of stucco retrofitting for your specific building.

The duration of the stucco retrofitting process can vary depending on the size and condition of your building. To get a more accurate estimate, you can contact Depend Exteriors Ltd for a free consultation and quote.

The EIFS stucco system includes an insulation board, which can significantly enhance your building’s insulation capabilities. This means your building will retain heat more effectively during harsh winters, providing a warmer, more comfortable indoor environment, and reducing heating costs.

If you’re unsure whether stucco retrofitting is right for your building, Depend Exteriors Ltd offers consultation and estimates. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options and understand the process and benefits of retrofitting more thoroughly.