Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems: EIFS Stucco

EIFS is a non-load bearing, cladding system which consists of several layers. It contains a membrane process, a liquid-applied weather and water-resistant barrier, an insulation board (insulation foam etc.) attached adhesively or mechanically to the underlying layer, a basecoat reinforced with glass-fibre reinforced mesh, and a textured protective finish coat you choose.


The average home loses up to 35% of its heat through exterior walls, resulting in expensive utility bills and unnecessary waste that is harmful to the environment.

Our EIFs stucco systems in Edmonton address these issues by providing high-performance, energy-efficient buildings to homeowners.

How do EIFS accomplish this?

The secret to EIF system’s success is found within the manufacturing and installation process:

First, only the most energy-efficient insulation board, foam, and glass-fibre reinforced mesh is used to form the components of EIFS. This careful selection of material lays the foundation for maximum energy efficiency.

Second, the continuous application of air and water barriers helps to sustain a high R-Value – a critical factor in preserving heat energy. This means less heat escapes your home through exterior walls; fewer resources are required to maintain a stable temperature.

What is the result of installing our EIFS in your home?

Other than the joy of coming home to a cozy, warm and welcoming home every night, the benefits of this system are seen in two main areas:

Cost savings: The energy-efficient design of EIFS helps you save a substantial amount on your monthly utilities. This money can be funnelled into other home improvements, like redoing the kitchen, bathroom or whatever you choose!

Environmental benefits: our EIFS results in less energy required to heat your home, so you can do your part for the environment and rest assured that your children’s children will have a healthy, thriving planet to live on.

EIFS’s are worth considering if you would like to:

  • Save on your monthly utility bill
  • Reduce your home’s carbon footprint
  • Waste less energy when heating your home

To learn more about our stucco patching and moulding or to receive your free estimate, don’t hesitate to contact us!

EIFS Are 84% more efficient than common claddings

Energy Efficient
Resource Efficient

resource efficient

Have you ever heard the saying “less is more?”

That’s exactly what we had in mind when considering our Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS stucco) design.

In our opinion, careful consideration of resource efficiency is a no-brainer – it helps us to keep our costs down, translating into more savings for each customer – all while simultaneously creating less waste and helping the environment!

Our system differs from regular insulation systems in a few key areas:

Our materials are lightweight – To provide you with the highest quality for the most affordable price, Depend Exteriors has considered every detail.

EIFS materials are much lighter than traditional materials used for common cladding systems. This allows for huge savings on structural materials. It even reduces the cost of transport, as less fuel is needed to haul our lighter materials.

Our materials are cheaper – Because we select the most efficient, high-grade material for our EIFSs, we require much less than other cladding systems to produce a superior insulating effect. This helps us reduce costs, and when we save, you save! Simple as that!

Our materials are easier to repair – Let’s face it, accidents happen. Whether your house is subject to spring flooding, mold or other natural damages, our lightweight structural materials help to reduce repair costs significantly.

We have different materials for everyone. From cement stucco to stucco siding, you can paint the perfect home.

Less material = less waste = happy planet – We seriously consider the environment’s health at Depend Exteriors. That is one of the reasons we prioritize maintaining efficiency in our resource selection process. From material selection to transport and everything in between, we do our part to ensure a healthy planet for many generations!

Please contact us to learn more about how EIFSs are the most resource-efficient option on the market. We also offer stucco repair and stucco retrofitting.

Over 50 years of service life

design flexibility

When considering insulation for your home, performance is critical. But aesthetics are also an important factor in the process.

EIFS ensures your insulation functions at the highest level AND looks great while doing so!

There are countless variations of home designs, but why do few insulation providers account for aesthetics in their products?

We’ve included appealing and elegant design capabilities from the initial planning stages of our EIFSs.

How did we do this?

Our EIFS uses an insulation board that leaves room for design flexibility so you can customize your insulation to your needs.

We’ve selected insulation boards that can be moulded, grooved, rasped, and shaped into an almost infinite number of design styles in accordance with the unique aspects of your home.

You’ve spent valuable time selecting a design for your home that gives it a unique flair and helps differentiate itself from other homes in your neighbourhood. We believe it’s only fair for us to match this level of dedication to the aesthetic features we all value so highly.

EIFS respects your home’s natural symmetry and exclusive angles, combining efficiency and beauty.

Make your home stand out with our endless design possibilities!

If you have unique design requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’d love to provide you with more information on how we can satisfy your needs!

endless design possibilities

Stucco Exterior Design Flexibility
Moisture Management

moisture management

Water-damaged insulation can lose up to 40% of its insulating R-Value. It can also lead to undesirable effects like mould buildup within your home. Exposure to such mould can be dangerous and costly to repair, leading to high avoidable stress. 

EIFS helps to ensure your home resists water and moisture damage through several built-in features: 

Flashings for drainage: help direct water away from exposed areas and gaps that may be subject to leakage and subsequent water damage. For instance, the roof and wall interface. 

Insulation board drainage systems: help reduce damage caused by condensation and maintain the R-Value of exterior walls.

Window frame membranes and flashings: help seal windows to prevent leakage and direct moisture from places where damage may result. 

Water barrier applications prevent water seepage and leaking, directing water away from exterior sheathing. 

Air barriers: used to inhibit the movement of water vapour transported by air into a particular space. Without proper air barriers, water damage may result.

Why is moisture management especially important in Canada? 

The wide temperature fluctuations of the Canadian climate make selecting insulation equipped with an effective moisture management system necessary.

The features above help EIFS control water and moisture like no other system, saving you money by eliminating water damage-related repair costs associated with conventional methods! 

Stay dry, stay safe, and protect your home with EIFS’s water and moisture management features!

To learn more about the moisture-protecting properties of EIFS, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.


EIFS Finish Textures

Function and aesthetics – these two elements create the foundation of our EIFS stucco system.

The exterior of your home should protect it from the harsh elements typical of unpredictable Canadian weather like hail, rain, snow, and spring melt, but it’s also part of your home that everyone sees when they pass by.

We provide several finishing texture options to find one that best suits your home’s design. After we’ve finished the installation process, your dwelling will be the talk of the town!

We offer a variety of designs, including:

Crystal finish coat texture:

Our Crystal finish coat texture is a beautiful, gemstone-based crystal coat finish that shimmers in the light and produces a luxurious look that gives your home a unique look compared to traditional stucco finishes.

Select one of our several options, and you can capture the following auras in your exterior’s design:

  • the sleek texture of tambura ash
  • the striking impression of Athabasca River sand
  • the beautiful terrain of the Swiss Alps

The secret to this finish coat is found in expert craftsmanship and careful installation, both of which are specialties of the experienced team at Depend Exteriors.

Stonetex finish coat texture:

Our Stonetex finish coat is perfect for adding an extra aesthetic element to concrete, stone or masonry work, providing a classic look to any building.

If you like the sleek, dark look common with stone buildings, this finishing texture perfectly fits you.

A few of our common colour options include:

  • Sand dune
  • Inuit sky
  • Red maple

As part of the EIFS industry members association, we know what our customers want. We have a colour sure to fit even the most selective eye!

If you would like to inquire about our EIFS Finish Textures, contact us, and one of our many experienced staff members will help you decide on the right look for your home.

Durex Gemstone Material

Crystal finish coat texture

Gaining popularity over the last few years, gemstone-based crystal finish coats require excellent workmanship and expertise, which we at Depend Exteriors have.

Durex Stonetex Material

Stonetex finish coat texture

Completes any stone and masonry work aesthetically, these finish textures gives amazing look to any building.




EIFS stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems. It is a cladding system with multiple layers, including an insulation board, weather-resistant barrier, reinforcement, and a textured finish coat.

EIFS is still commonly used for exterior siding in residential and commercial construction. Its energy efficiency, design flexibility, and moisture management features make it a popular choice for homeowners and builders.

Yes, EIFS can be painted. The textured protective finish coat of EIFS provides a suitable surface for paint application. You can choose from a wide range of colours to customize the appearance of your EIFS stucco.

Yes, EIFS provides design flexibility. The insulation board used in EIFS can be moulded, grooved, rasped, and shaped into various design styles, allowing customization to match your home’s aesthetic requirements.

Installing EIFS can lead to cost savings on monthly utility bills and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. It helps in wasting less energy when heating your home, resulting in a cozy, warm living environment and a healthier planet for future generations.

One disadvantage of EIFS is that if the installation does not include a proper drainage layer, water can become trapped and may not evaporate as quickly as with traditional stucco. This could lead to water infiltration issues. As a result, EIFS may require more frequent inspections to ensure any water-related issues are addressed promptly. However, when installed correctly with proper drainage and maintenance, EIFS can provide long-lasting performance.