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Exploring 7 Modern Stucco Finishes in Edmonton

The art of applying stucco has undergone a significant evolution, continually adapting to the demands of changing aesthetic preferences. As a result, homeowners now have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the perfect stucco finish for their homes. In the heart of Edmonton, these choices are as diverse and unique as the city’s vibrant skyline. In this post, we delve into our selection of modern stucco finishes in Edmonton, focusing on some of the most innovative and appealing options available.

1. Cat Face Finish: A Rendezvous of Smooth and Rough Textures

Our journey begins with the Cat Face Finish. This unique design is an amalgamation of smooth surfaces interspersed with rough patches, whimsically referred to as ‘cat faces.’ Achieving this finish requires a two-step process. 

First, a rough coat of stucco is applied to the exterior surface. Then, a smoother coat is applied on top, leaving certain rough patches exposed. This artistic finish is a study in contrast that guarantees a standout aesthetic for your home exterior.

2. Dash Finish: The Classic Choice

Next in line is the Dash Finish. This style enjoys widespread popularity, owing to its ability to blend seamlessly with various home styles. This finish bestows upon the exterior surface a textured gravel-like appearance that can range from light to dense texture. Dash finish maintains an air of simplicity, yet offers a visually intriguing pattern, proving that simplicity doesn’t always equate to plain.

3. Santa Barbara Finish: Embrace the Smooth Charm

For homeowners who gravitate towards smoother finishes, the Santa Barbara Finish could be an ideal choice. Achieved by applying two traditional stucco coats to the exterior surface, this finish offers a semi-smooth texture that is soft and calming to the eyes. The secret lies in the use of small sand particles to achieve this unique texture. Another appealing aspect of the Santa Barbara finish is its customizability – homeowners can select any colour to match their home’s architectural style or their personal preference.

4. Sand Finish: Perfecting the Imperfections

Sometimes known as a float finish, the Sand Finish offers an intriguing textural element that resembles sand mixed into the stucco. This finish is available in fine, medium, or rough styles, providing homeowners with the flexibility to choose the look that best suits their tastes. But the Sand Finish’s appeal doesn’t stop at its aesthetic allure. It also serves a practical function by effortlessly correcting exterior imperfections without sacrificing the overall look of the house. This is a winning choice for homeowners seeking an aesthetically pleasing and functional finish.

5. Lace Stucco Finish: Perfect for Concealing Imperfections

The Lace Stucco Finish is a classic that enjoys unwavering popularity among homeowners, primarily for its excellent ability to disguise wall imperfections. Also known as the ‘lace and skip’ or ‘skip and trowel’ finish, this method delivers a captivating texture reminiscent of lace.

This finish is achieved by skipping the stucco mixture onto the wall using a trowel, followed by smoothing out the ridges. As a result, you get a beautifully patterned, ‘lacy’ look. The versatility of this finish allows it to blend well with virtually any architectural style, making it a great fit for both modern and traditional homes.

Despite its delicate name, the Lace Stucco Finish is robust and durable, making it a great long-term choice for those seeking to enhance their home’s exterior. Whether you are looking to cover minor imperfections or desire a finish that offers a unique blend of texture and pattern, the Lace Stucco Finish is a compelling choice.

6. Smooth Stucco Finish: The Epitome of Elegant Simplicity

On the other end of the texture spectrum is the Smooth Stucco Finish. This finish is often chosen by homeowners and designers who prefer clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. The Smooth Stucco Finish is, as the name suggests, a smooth application of stucco on the exterior of the building.

Achieving a smooth finish is more labour-intensive and requires a high level of skill to ensure an even application. The process involves the application of multiple layers of stucco, each of which needs to be thoroughly smoothed out before applying the next. Despite the effort required, the result is a sleek and elegant appearance that’s well worth the investment.

The Smooth Stucco Finish offers a modern, crisp look that has become increasingly popular in contemporary architectural designs. It’s not only the smooth texture that makes this finish stand out – this style also enables the vivid display of colours, making it an excellent choice for those wishing to experiment with different colour palettes on their home’s exterior.

7. Worm Finish: The Unconventional Marvel

Last but certainly not least is the Worm Finish. This design employs synthetic stucco to create grooves on the surface, resulting in a visual treat that is as unusual as it is appealing. The process can be challenging, but when executed correctly, it yields an exterior that is both sophisticated and edgy. Whether you’re enhancing a residential property or an office exterior, the Worm Finish is a bold choice that promises a visually compelling result.


As we have seen, modern stucco finishes offer a veritable feast for the senses. From the intriguing contrast of the Cat Face Finish to the classic charm of the Dash Finish, the soothing allure of the Santa Barbara Finish to the practical appeal of the Sand Finish, and the audaciousness of the Worm Finish – the range of modern stucco finishes in Edmonton are sure to meet and surpass homeowners’ aesthetic and practical needs. Regardless of your architectural style or personal preference, there is a stucco finish that’s just right for you.Ready to discover the perfect stucco finish for your home? Don’t wait any longer. Contact Depend Exteriors today, and let’s transform the look and feel of your home with our superior stucco solutions.


A stucco finish refers to the final layer applied in the stucco process, which is a type of wall covering consisting of cement, sand, lime, and water. This finish adds aesthetic appeal to a building and serves a protective function. It comes in many textures and styles, offering a range of choices to match different architectural designs and personal preferences.

In Canada, the lace finish is one of the most popular stucco finishes. Known for its versatility and ability to hide imperfections, the lace finish adds texture and depth to a home’s exterior. This style of finish is typically applied using a combination of techniques, including spraying and trowelling, resulting in a distinct pattern that resembles lace.

Consider switching the paint colour to something light and bright to give the stucco a modern look. Contemporary design often favours minimalist, clean lines and neutral colour palettes. Choosing a light colour like white, off-white, or soft grey can dramatically modernize the appearance of a stucco home. Additionally, you can opt for a smooth stucco finish for a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Our Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) are often considered the best type of stucco in Edmonton. EIFS is an exterior wall cladding system that provides exterior walls with an insulated finished surface and waterproofing. It has excellent energy efficiency due to its insulating properties. This system is also known for its flexibility, allowing for various textures, designs, and colours. However, it’s essential to consider your specific needs, climate, and budget when choosing the best stucco type for your project.