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4 Reasons Why You NEED A Coating System for Your Deck or Balcony

Why Deck Staining Is Important

Over the course of the year, your balcony or deck can take a beating. Harsh elements like rain, snow, and sun can deteriorate it’s surface causing structural issues that compromise your safety and your family’s safety. Applying a coating system to your deck or balcony can prevent these issues from happening while restoring the sleek, appealing look of when it was first built. 

Here are four reasons why you should consider applying a coating system to your deck or balcony.

1. Appearance

What’s better than firing up the grill on a hot summer day, cooking up some burgers, and relaxing on your beautiful deck with friends, family, neighbours, or anyone else who cares to join?

Balcony and deck coating systems provide you with a number of different colour options to help make your deck’s design the envy of the neighbourhood. The multitude of options available ensure you’ll be able to find one that blends perfectly with the colour of your home. But it’s not just colour that makes these systems so visually pleasing – they also provide a clean, smooth texture.

2. Performance

While looking presentable is an important feature of any deck or balcony coating system, it also needs to perform at a high level.

A good coating system will help prevent a number of issues that tend to crop up with decks and balconies. For example, exposure to the sun can often cause your deck’s paint to peel. With the right coating system, peeling paint will be a distant memory! 

Also, rainwater and moisture from spring melt can infiltrate the materials used to build your deck causing rot and decay. An effective coating system will be designed to block out moisture, making sure that this doesn’t happen to you.

3. Saftey

Summer block parties, visits from friends and family, and many other events mean large volumes of people will be congregating on your deck to enjoy the warm weather and great company. When playing host, the safety of your guests should be your top priority. Whether it’s your great uncle who’s pushing ninety, or nieces and nephews running around the yard, you want to make sure they’re kept safe at all times. 

Deck and balcony coating systems help to provide a smooth, textured surface so you can comfortably walk barefoot without fearing a splinter or stubbed toe. These systems also protect against the structural shifting which results from the buildup and reduction of moisture during freeze and thaw cycles.

4. Value

When determining the value of their home, many people focus exclusively on the actual house. For example, the kitchen, bathrooms, master bedroom, etc…But exterior features like decks and balconies can also play an important role in the valuation process. 

Coating systems help keep your deck or balcony looking great and in tip-top shape, thus increasing the re-sell value of your home! 

Where Can you Find Deck and Balcony Coating Systems in Edmonton?

Depend Exteriors provides Edmonton residents with coating systems for decks and balconies of all sizes. They offer a range of different colours and design options so you can be sure that your design with be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Please contact them today to learn how you can improve the looks and safety of your deck or balcony with their coating systems!