How EIFS Systems Can Help Control Moisture in Alberta’s Unpredictable Climate

How EIFS Can Control Water Vapor Flow

According to the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI), the amount of water that can be held by a given amount of air is directly related to its temperature.

Warm air can hold much more vapor than cold air. The vapor in this warm air creates pressure on the surrounding air known as “vapor pressure (VP).”

Hot and humid air has a much higher VP than cold dry air so the VP tries to move from an area of high VP (hot and humid side) to an area of low VP (cold and dry side).

It’s safe to say Alberta’s weather can be unpredictable. Calgary can experience bone-chilling -50 C one week, only to have a chinook come through and melt the snow the next. Meanwhile, it’s not uncommon for Edmonton to experience a cold-snap that lasts for multiple weeks!

With an unpredictable climate such as ours, there can often be a major difference in the VP inside our house compared to the VP outside. This may cause diffusion of moisture through the walls, resulting in:

Inconsistent Moisture Levels Within Your Home

Alberta winters are notorious for being very dry.

Because the temperature of your home is warm and humid, it has a very high moisture level. The cold dry air outside, however, contains very little moisture. For that reason, water vapor within your home will try to escape to balance the level of moisture in the air by diffusing through your walls.

EIFS systems help to make sure your home maintains the perfect amount of moisture regardless of the temperature outside, so you can continue to live in comfort!


Moisture is a precursor for mold growth. If your house isn’t properly equipped with the right cladding system, not only do you risk damage to your walls, but your health may also hang in the balance.

Some types of mold (like black mold) can cause flu-like symptoms, memory loss, respiratory damage, and more undesirable effects.

If you’ve had mold problems in the past, or are worried that poor moisture regulation may put you at risk for mold, it may be time to consider an EIFS system for your home.


Unwanted moisture in your home can often lead to discoloration of walls, window frames, and any other structures where excess water may settle in your home.

This change in color is due to trace amounts of minerals, sediment, or rust that are present in the water that settles on the surfaces of your home.

This discoloration may range from a dark brown to a pale yellow depending on the density of these minerals within the water.

Consider an EIFS System to Control Moisture Levels in Your Home!

EIFS systems help to prevent all the problems described above from happening because they are vapor resistant, meaning they are designed to keep the moisture levels inside and outside of your house separate.

Depend Exteriors has provided quality EIFS system construction for over 13 years to Edmonton, Calgary, and the greater Alberta area! Contact them today to get yours!