3 Benefits of Using Stonework and Masonry in Your Home’s Design

Stone and masonry work Edmonton

There are a number of reasons why it’s a good idea to incorporate stone and masonry work into your home’s design. Let’s take a look at the top 3!

1. Stone Improves Aesthetics

So many new neighborhoods in Edmonton have rows upon rows of houses with virtually identical layouts and designs. While this can be an efficient building practice, the downside is that it prevents your home from feeling truly unique.

Think back to the house you grew up in. Chances are, it had some unique feature that helped distinguish itself from your neighbors’ homes and made you proud to live there. Maybe it was a large front yard or a beautiful porch, or possibly even an eye-catching exterior design!

Regardless of what it was, these features made it your home. You could explain to people where you lived by describing how its appearance differed from your neighbors’ homes instead of just listing a street address and house number. There was nothing quite like it.

Adding rustic stone features to your home’s design can greatly improve its aesthetics, helping it to stand out from those around it. Also, stonework and masonry allow for design flexibility. You can choose between options like man-made stone or even natural cultured stone!

2. Stone Promotes Durability/Longevity

What do the Aztecs, Vikings, and modern-day humans all have in common? We’ve all built houses out of stone. In fact, people all over the world have been building houses out of stone for thousands of years.

But why has stonework and masonry been such a trusted building strategy for so long?

Simple – it builds strong and long-lasting homes. Stone helps protect your house by preventing damages that often occur with other building materials commonly used for construction.

For example, stone walls are fireproof and will not be damaged by water and moisture (mold and rot) as other materials will. So, not only will your home last longer, but you’ll also be able to save money on repair costs and renovations!

3. Stone is Environmentally-Friendly

Another benefit of stonework and masonry for home building is its minimal environmental impact. There are a number of reasons for this:

Stone is widely available – minimal energy is required to obtain and process stone, making it a superior choice when compared to other synthetic building materials.

Stone houses are built to last – The longer your home lasts, the less need you will have for re-building or moving. This equates to less resources being used and a reduction in waste. Amazingly, stone dwellings that were built thousands of years ago are still standing today!

Keep in mind – many of the environmental benefits of stonework and masonry are seen through not using other, more harmful materials. For example, if you’re using stone instead of lumber, that means you’re cutting down fewer trees which allows them to carry on producing clean oxygen for us.

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